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Sichuan Juneng Filter Material Co.,Ltd

Oil Only Absorbant Pads,Filter Material Roll,Cleaning Wipes,Oil Absorbing Sh...

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About Us
 Sichuan Juneng Filter material Co., Ltd founded by Oct,2007, Which had been listed on 12,Dec,2017,the stock number:810482.We are the leading manufacturer of meltblown nonwoven products,our existing 108 employees, a total of four PhD 2 master's, research and development staff of 15 people in the company which we are all technical team as the core , Is a research and development enterprises. Our existing products are mainly two directions, one is meltblown microfiber material and another is battery separator. Our market is dominated by the international trade market, supplemented by domestic. At present, this is basically the direction. The development of the company in recent years is a national high-tech enterprise and a province-level science and technology enterprise. Many tests are not only at home but also among the best in the world and at a certain level.
Products range:
1. New diaphragm material
 (1)  Power lithium ion Batt... [Details]
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